A friend of mine asked me to digitalize some old tapes that we used to listen to when we were kids. This got me thinking about all the old tapes and records that I have kicking around that I should get on my iPod. Then that got me thinking that too many of these old (and mostly unknown) recordings are too good not to share. So I decided to create this blog to get this music out there and hopefully enjoyed by folks that never would have heard of it other wise.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red Nails - Mutiny Of A Small Group Of Lemmings (1992)

Awesome death thrash metal from Ottawa.

Artist: Red Nails
Origin: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Album: Mutiny Of A Small Group Of Lemmings
Year: 1992

Track Listing:
1. Dead Man Walking
2. Ancient Blood
3. Secured Without Restraint
4. Silent Gods

Blair Snider - rhythm guitars, vocals
Mark Spoor - lead guitar
Andrew Searle - bass, backing vocals
Glenn Hewie - drums

more info:
Recorded February 1992 at Rock's Wonderland by Rock Mallin
Logo by Craig Fraser