A friend of mine asked me to digitalize some old tapes that we used to listen to when we were kids. This got me thinking about all the old tapes and records that I have kicking around that I should get on my iPod. Then that got me thinking that too many of these old (and mostly unknown) recordings are too good not to share. So I decided to create this blog to get this music out there and hopefully enjoyed by folks that never would have heard of it other wise.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Necrosis - demo (1992)

Before there was Cryptopsy, there was Necrosis. This demo has pretty much everyone that played on Cryptopsy's first demo & album. 

Artist: Necrosis
Origin: Montreal, QC
Album: self-titled
Year: 1992

Track Listing:
1. The Softest Tread
2. Realms Of Pathogenia
3. Paradoxicon
4. Fiend Without A Face

Lord Worm - vox
Steve Thibault - guitar
Dave Galea - guitar
John Todds - bass
Flo Mounier - drums

more info:
Engineered and mixed by Dave Galea
Recorded 4-HEAD Studio Jan 1992

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  1. I have just ascended into hell! Thanks a lot for this, I wanted to listen to this since forever.